Ronney Jenkins

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Jenkins is a former American football player from Los Angeles, California, who played four seasons in the NFL, primarily as a kick return specialist.

Playing in the National Football League is a mental, physical, and emotional grind. You are in a constant state of stress. Whether it be the physical stress that running into men twice your size repeatedly inevitably brings on your body. Or the mental and emotional stress you are under trying to make sure that you know your assignments inside and out.  The popular thing to do in the locker room upon examination by the team doctors was a prescription that involved taking pills for anxiety and anti-inflammatories for physical pain.

Unfortunately, both lead to long-term and sometimes irreversible damage. Ultimately resulting in making the original problem you needed help with much worse. It was then that he began to outsource, to try and find a more sensible and less damaging answer to my problems.


Ronney began to experiment with alternative natural remedies.  He used THC/CBD products shortly after and is a passionate believer that the use of THC/CBD helped add many years to his life and helped preserve his body better than other form of medication I have ever tried.