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KRTL Biotech Inc.

During the process of working in Korea with Kaiyon Biotech Inc., the relationship was formed with KRTL Asia.  This entity will manage the all intellectual property in Asia derived from Kaiyon Biotech Inc. in Korea.  This relationship has been crucial due to outside companies not  being allowed to conduct business in domestic countries like Korea.  

What we were able to do is create a partnership with KRTL Asia and Kaiyon Biotech.  One of the stipulations will be the name change of Kaiyon Biotech to KRTL Biotech Inc.  This decision was also sparked because of an existing Kaiyon Biotech in Korea, which was developed a few years back to pioneer the CBD market, and KRTL did not want them to be confused.  This relationship will allow an opportunity, because it will give the US based company access to the Asian Market.

KRTL Biotech Inc. can now synergistically create formulations with KRTL Asia and have a distribution channel to the East.  As needs and laws allow KRTL Biotech Inc. can continue studies with CBD and Psilocybin, produce marketable products, and have the ability to distribute them.

Our teams have tirelessly been working to create this bridge and are confident we can recreate this model with other partners we are working with.